My lil' JoJo My lil' JoJo JoJo's first day home little curious one 144525243 Sleepy time 144639338 JoJo;s tank 144662858 JoJo tank 2 144662859 Randomnesss 144746969 Hw buddy 146101590 Lizard addicted to fb? she tried to run off the comp. after i took this 146101591 On My Head 147032494 Playing in the bath There was no water but its the only place that i can play with her cuz of my mother... 147032495 Gotta Update Beerdies 148358444 JoJo set up(again) 148358545 JoJo on her hammock 148358546 Little tiny one>.< one of the babies of my new hamster(technicly brothers) 152962755 Already Runnin! 152962756 This one! little attention whore(mostly beacuse my laptop was warm) 152962757 Close up on baby 152962758 Momma! The new addition to the house and a mother of 4 152962759 Reptile Show BABIES! i loved playing with these guys. 154582665 Another baby tank 154582666 Baby tank3 154582667 Some sort of eel O.o 154582668 Fishie i forgot what it was called i think it is an axol or something like that or a salamder/newt. 154582669 Chameleons I WENT CRAZY FOR THEM! you do not understand how many times i asked my mum to buy me one! 154582670 Live pinkies Yes a tub full of live pinikie mice. AND YOU COULD PLAY WITH THEM! one of the funnest parts of the expo 154582671 Snow Leo's Of course obssesed with leo's to and of course snows are my favorite 154582672