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1. Vulgar language is prohibited at all times – keep it PG-13. The staff will give only one warnings, and the next offense is temporary suspension of your account. There will be no slander, threats, name calling, rude comments, or any other form of hurtful writing or gestures allowed within These are measured on a case-by-case basis. Any racist slang or terms will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban.



A) Any content posted onto must not contain copyrighted material. Plagiarism is a crime, and the administration is responsible for any content that is stolen, even if a member uses it. First offense results in one warning and removal of the stolen material. Second offense results in account suspension.

B) owns copyrights for all of its material. Therefore, I (Devin) personally run scans to find our material elsewhere. If a member steals our information and places it anywhere else on the internet, it will be found. I then link the material to the host's I.P address and permenantly I.P Ban them from

3) Spam will not to be tolerated anywhere on the site. Any advertising content posted without permission will be considered spam and will be removed on sight. The material will be saved for reference. Advertisements from members for other websites may only be present in (and as) signatures. The staff reserves the right to ask a member's signature be changed for any reason. Some advertising exceptions can be made on the Affiliates board.


4) Please keep forum posts relevant to the correct topic. Misplaced posts will be moved to the correct board, and blatantly disruptive posts will be removed without warning or notification of removal.

5) Pictures of bearded dragons on their backs are displaying open animal cruelty. staff are against it, therefore it is restricted altogether.

6) Every member is limited to 50 photos and one album to store them in. Members can purchase a second album (and 50 more pictures) for $1.50. Please note that uploading pictures to another member’s album will result in their being moved to your album, or in their deletion if you have reached your 50 picture limit.

7) is not obligated to guarantee someone a place in the website as a member or moderator. We reserve the right to terminate someone's account at any time without notice or reason. We also reserve the right to change, add, or remove rules whenever applicable.


***It is to the site administration's discretion to determine how long a members account is to be suspended. By you becoming a member and joining the forums, you automatically activate yourself to acknowledgment of the rules, thus, giving us the right to assume you have read and understand the Laws of

 If a Member has any comments or objections, email us at [email protected]


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